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My Homeschool Planner (FREE)

Yay! It’s that time of the year when many homeschool families like myself are thinking ahead to the next school year.

We actually homeschool year round, but during summer we are usually wrapping up whatever levels we are working on and it’s time to think about what to move onto next. In shaa Allah.

I am so excited to share with you all my homeschool planner that I made for this year. For the past 3 years I have looked and searched for so many planners and have not yet come across one that I'm completely satisfied with. While there are many excellent planners for homeschool mums they are created by someone else who has their own ideas for their own family. There was always extra pages I didn’t want, or not enough of the ones I did want.

Nevertheless, I have started using my homeschool planner and I can finally say it is perfect for me. I'm glad for the time and effort I've put onto this planner because it has made my homeschooling a lot more organised and on point. I hope it benefits you and your family too.

It is very simple to put this planner together you will need;

Essentials Presentation Binder, A4.


You can simply go to your local internet cafe and get them to bind it

it together for you.

This planner includes;

Year Calendar (2017 - 2018)

Monthly Calendar (2017 - 2018)

Weekly Goal Planner

My Lessons Weekly Schedule

My Daily Planner

Theme Title Planner

Resources Page List

Book Log

Website List

DIY Planner

Feel free to print only the pages that will be useful to you. Be sure to decide how many copies of each sheet you need or just go through each page and print individually. Both Planners are the same but different covers to choose from :

My Homeschool Planner 2017 - 2018

My Homeschool Planner 2017 - 2018

I will share with you pictures of how I do my weekly planner.

Weekly Goal Planner - I use this section to visualize our objectives / outcomes in each subject.

Theme title - this section is for my theme planner it can be for 1 week or 2 weeks depending on the project or theme we are working on. This helps me to again keep track of our outcomes and it helps me to remember what our main focus is on.

My Weekly Lesson Schedule Planner - This section contains the weekly lesson planning sheet. For this section print as many as you need for your planner. In shaa Allah.

This section helps me to set up their work for each day without having to think about what they will work on today and so on. It also helps me to keep focus on their progress and keep moving forward rather than having to have random lessons (which I don't mind for extra work)

I'm not sure if you noticed but I have used 3 different colour pens for my planner and that is because I have 3 children hence I use each of their favorite colour pens.t

And here's my planner put into practice! Each morning I prepare their work and it takes me only 5 mins or less to set it up because I've already planned for the week.

The slide shows the following;

3 Morning folders - these folders are my girls daily morning folders. It includes aqeedah, calendar, and basics for each levels. P.s I tried to find all of their favorite colous (purple, pink and blue) but only manage to find blue.

3 Baskets - these are their work for the day. Again I chose their favorite colours.

Shelve - these activities on the shelves are the materials I want my children to work on independently this week. In shaa Allah. I don't change everything on the shelve every week, only those materials that needs to be.

Books - these books are the books I chose for this weeks theme. This weeks theme is all about HAJJ! However they can also read any other books they choose to.

Resources - I print out any resources I need on Fridays when I'm doing my weekly planning.

I hope this has given you an idea of how I do my weekly planning.

Please leave any questions you are unsure about below on the comments or simply message me. In shaa Allah.

Happy Planning!

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