August 7, 2017

I normally don't do these sorts of posts, but I was tagged by few sisters and I thought it'd be fun to do. I WAS RIGHT! This was a lot of fun and a little bit hard. 




1) My biggest dream is to make it to Jannah with my family and friends. 

2) I am 28 years old Muslim Mum of 3. 


3) I follow the Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf. 

4) I’m a total Londoner! However we moved to Saudi Arabia just over 2 years ago to master the Arabic language and to have a better Islamic life style. 

5) I have 3 wonderful girls whom I homeschool. They are my goal to Jannah. In shaa Allah

6) I am a qualified childcarer who loves to research on child development. 

7) I love having things organised. 

8) I love tea and coffee excessively. 

9) I'm very careful about what I feed my children. 

10) The beach is a place of peace for me.  

11) I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  I hate doing crazy, hard workouts, but love how I feel after I do them.  

12) I can be very sensitive at times. 

13) I do not like the dark at all. Sometimes I even sleep with a light on!

14) I am an introvert.

15) My hobbies are going out on nature trips with my little family. 

16) I'm very straight to the point but very loyal and loving at the same time. 

17) I get very anxious if I leave my children even for an hour. 

18) I very much dislike eating chicken! 

19) I love reading my spare time and hope to complete publishing children books based on the 4 women promised Jannah for my girls.

20) My husband is my best friend!



Well I hope that gave you a little insight into me :) 


Um Aasiyah

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