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Teach Me About Ramadan

I have another gift to share with you all for this blessed month!

I've created 'Teach Me About Ramadan' book for my children based on the famous book by our noble Shaykh Salih al-Uthaymeen Rahimullah 'Majaalis Ramadan Sittings in Ramadan' in the hope that they will understand more about Ramadan.

My plan is to use this book as my main Ramadan guide for my daughter through out the month of Ramadan, in the hope that she will have some understanding about this beautiful month by the end of the month. in shaa Allah.

As parents we have the responsibility to teach our children the affairs of our religion in a manner that is suitable for them; so they know what is right from wrong.

It is my passion to help children understand this beautiful Deen in the way of the salafu-saaleh for that entails following the Book and the Sunnah. Therefore, I am delighted to share this small gift with you all.

All Praise be to Allah who has given me the opportunity to check this work with a senior student of knowledge.

This activity book is suitable for children ages between 4 - 8 years old.

Feel free to download 'Teach Me About Ramadan' on HERE

May Allah continue to guide us to His Straight Path and make us firm upon it and may He protect us and our children from all evil.

Anything good I've shared is from Allah and all praise is due to Him Alone, and any errors made, are from myself.

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Happy Learning!

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