It's Okay To NOT Be Perfect

March 24, 2017

Dear Tired Mama


I know how important it is for you to achieve that ultimate goal: to be the best mother.



You work so hard to make it perfect. You want to give your children the best childhood, better than any other childhood you know. You want to give your husband the best companion he can have.


You want it all, and you want to look classy while doing it.


And then there’s the pressure from social media on how to do and to be, to teach and to model, to never raise your voice and to keep everything super organized and tidy. . . So You Are. . . Trying. . . Trying So Hard.


You sit and start to think of all the things you failed to do, how you could improve on meal planning, how the dishes are still piled up in the sink, and how you didn’t exercise and didn’t do that craft with your preschooler and didn’t even find time for a shower.


You wonder how you can fix it, how you can make it better tomorrow. You promise to improve. Tomorrow comes to find your child wakes up unwell, and there’s food under your feet. There’s a gigantic zit on your chin so you feel unpleasant  and your three year old just spilled a whole cup of milk on the floor which meant you yelled at him, and then both of you cried.


Dear Mama


I want you to know that: it's okay to NOT be perfect!

Allah has created us imperfect, so He does not expect us to be perfect but to strive for progress. In the meantime;

  • Seek Istighaar (Allah’s forgiveness) as much as you can for it is the gateway of relief and happiness.

  • Appreciate your blessings that surround you and Allah will bestow you more. 

  • Be patient with the difficulties you face in life and motivate yourself to achieve more and expect less from the creation.


Dear Mama


Know that in society you will never be perfect but to your family you are the 'perfect' person with all your imperfections! Yes. You are incredibly amazing and hardworking mama who gets tired at times.


Know that failure happens to EVERYBODY and if people tell you they don’t, they're lying . . . if people only post about how blessed they are on social media and never admit they’ve had a crappy day, they’re hiding.


Respect and love yourself and see the good in you. Believe in your abilities instead of belittling yourself and always acknowledge your mistakes and learn from it.


The more we try to compare and compete and look like we’ve got the 'perfect lives' the more tired we will all become. So, do not compare yourself to people on social media instead appreciate everything your Creator has given you for you are more blessed than what you see on a ‘filtered screen’.


Lets support and encourage one another . . . because motherhood is a journey, not a competition.


I hope this has made you realise how wonderful you are just the way are.




Zee Um-Aasiyah 

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