3 simple steps to kickstart homeschooling

December 29, 2016

I chose this topic to be one of my first blogs, due to being asked plenty of times by family and friends "how can I start homeschooling?!" I can share with you some useful steps and services which can help you with this remarkable journey.


After plenty of research and prayers you are finally ready to homeschool.  I will now share with you the three simple steps, I took to start homeschooling.

Step 1 - Plan plan and plan


Now is the time to start planning about the many options homeschooling offers. There are few things to consider when setting your plan. These are;



I believe that setting goals will give you more focus and pleasure in working in a way which is unique to your family. Without setting goals, you will have no ambitions! You will allow the days to go by, and you could even end up doing someone else's goals. Setting your goals will also allow you to be more organised and passionate about what you are doing.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish"


Homeschooling methods are different approaches and styles. Planning the right method will assist you to know what kind of routine you're going to have and what style of learning works for you and your child. Nonetheless, the good news is that homeschoolers are privileged to select methods which are suitable for their family.


There are many homeschooling methods available; take some time to look into how each works.


Click HERE to see different homeschooling methods briefly.



Creating a daily routine can be a great thing to add structure and direction to your homeschool day. There are families who will be drawn to a minute-by-minute routine, while others will just make a brief guideline outlining the main things they need to do for the day. For example 





Brush your teeth, do your bed and change your clothes


Quran, hadith, supplication, tawhid, talk about gratitude, talk about the day, talk about feelings


Reading / Phonics (for younger kids)




Language Art






Free Play


Every family is different -what you choose will be determined by that which works best for you and your family. 


Step 2 - Resources 

It is wise to store all the resources which you will need. Decide whether to use a curriculum or not. Research which curriculum your family is most comfortable with. Many families prefer not to follow a curriculum and find this to be the best way to learn, and some feel lost without a curriculum. If you're planning on sending your child back to traditional public school in the future or you would want them to take their exams (GCSE's or A Levels), then you could use the UK National curriculum if you're from the UK as a guideline. This will allow you to keep track of the mainstream school, whilst you follow your own homeschool curriculum programme.


I will share with you some resources and services which can (in shaa Allah) assist you with the start of your homeschool. Resources for children can be found on my RESOURCE page.




UK National Curriculum

Homeschooling Guide





Teaching children Tawheed – "This beneficial treatise is in regards to what is obligatory upon the human being to teach the children, before teaching them the Qur'aan, so he becomes a person who is complete, upon the fitrah of Islaam" Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab 


Home Learning Year by Year – A guide to CREATE your very own homeschool curriculum from Preschool Through High School


Ultimate Homeschooling Ideas – This book gives you ideas for new and creative ways to teach your child the basics. 


Homeschooling: The Teen Years - This is a great book for anyone homeschooling teenagers. 


Teach your own - This book is an essential handbook for educating your children at home.


Fitra Journal – Great support for Muslim homeschoolers as they get to read about other homeschoolers journey.


The Absorbent Mind (free pdf book) "The 'absorbent mind' welcomes everything, puts its hope in everything, accepts poverty equally with wealth, adopts any religion and the prejudices and habits of its countrymen, incarnating all in itself. This is the child!" Maria Montessori




Carrots Are Orange


Rahmah Muslim Homeschool


A Muslim Child is Born


How We Montessori


Raising Rayyaan


Raising Muslim Daughters


TJ Homeschooling


Confessions of a Muslim Mommaholic


A Muslim Homeschool





Education Otherwise 










Pintrest - Amazing! Packed with ideas, all you have to do is...just search for your needs.


Feel free to follow my  Pintrest where i stored plenty of activities.


Youtube -  You can find useful videos about Homeschooling, children educational activities and daily inspirations. My favourite channel for starting homeschooling with excellent organisations tips are:


Raising Clovers


Jady A 



Step 3 - Believe in Yourself 


“Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.” 


While the idea of homeschooling can be overwhelming, it can also be rewarding. Believe that you can be the best teacher for your children, because you know them more than any other "teacher". Studies have recently shown that children learn better in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and with a teacher they have a personal relationship. Reassure yourself because, there's nothing better than learning at home from a loving parent.


"There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” 


Remember,  learning takes place all the time, and just as your child learned to talk with you, they will continue to learn at home in a loving environment.


Be prepared for negativity you may face because haters gonna hate! That’s just the facts. However, this does not mean you have to keep silent about it because there will be times when you need to educate with respectable words to those who disagree with homeschool



Honestly, homeschooling is far from perfect . . . but it is an exciting journey with your children. I can say that it has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life as a mummy. I have the opportunity to know my children in a way that I don’t think would be possible if we had chosen a different style of education. It is a great blessing! Alhamdulilah (Praise be to God). So enjoy every minute of it. Grow and learn with your child and don’t get caught up in what others are doing.


Remember knowing reading and writing, and math number facts are important…but beyond that, having good manners, being able to respect others, care for nature and acknowledging what is truly important in life.


I hope these 3 steps help you with this remarkable adventure, and don't stop here keep learning from books. This is just a small guide. 


How did you start your first homeschooling year? Please feel free to comment below, i would love to hear from you too.


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